amethyst bracelet


Charm Bracelet With Amethyst and Onyx

  Rich purple amethyst and black onyx anchor this delicate, whimsical charm bracelet. You’ll smile every time you wear it. Light and airy, with delicate brass and silver plated chain, this bracelet is pretty and original, just like you. For more information about this piece, click here.


Copper Gemstone Bracelet With Garnet and Amethyst

Amethyst, garnet, and quartz hang from a copper plate. This is a great, jingly bracelet – beautiful, but tough. We polish the copper and then scratch it up! This gives it a more weathered look. For more information about this piece, click here.


Copper “Rock Girl” Bracelet with Amethyst and Pyrite

A sparkling drop of faceted, pale purple amethyst hangs from a smooth copper bar stamped with the words “Rock Girl.” Amethyst and a metallic pyrite chip dress up the clasp, making this bracelet beautiful all the way around. A double layer of brass chain anchors the bracelet to your wrist. For more information about this […]