Ear Cuff with Moonstone & Amethyst

This ear cuff features moonstone and amethyst hanging from a silver plated chain. The moonstone flashes beautifully in sunlight (hard to capture in a photo, unfortunately), and the amethyst is a vibrant purple. The cuff wraps around the back of the ear and is very comfortable – I can hardly feel it when I’m wearing […]


Charm Bracelet With Amethyst and Onyx

  Rich purple amethyst and black onyx anchor this delicate, whimsical charm bracelet. You’ll smile every time you wear it. Light and airy, with delicate brass and silver plated chain, this bracelet is pretty and original, just like you. For more information about this piece, click here.


Copper Bracelet with Garnet, Baltic Amber, and Lava Beads

  Garnet, amber, and a beautiful lava bead hang like tiny planets from a copper plate. We polish the copper and then scratch it up! This gives it a wonderful weathered look. This colorful, jingly bracelet will get plenty of attention! Copper can temporarily color the skin. A quick Google search will reveal that this […]


Pyrite, Garnet Bracelet.

Pyrite and garnet combine to make a sweet, feminine bracelet. The polished pyrite looks metallic, contrasting beautifully with the delicate, faceted garnet on either side. Because chain bracelets often turn around your wrist, we embellished the clasp side of this one with tiny garnet drops. There is something special about this bracelet. When I put […]


Black Tourmaline Necklace with Carnilian, & Amber

Rough black tourmaline and metallic pyrite contrast with sparkling orange carnelian, and a round black volcanic stone hangs with a single drop of raw amber like a meteor. The chain is 16 inches and extends another 1.5 inches if you want to wear it a little longer. The volcanic stone and amber hang 2 inches […]


Jade Buddha Necklace

  A Thai Buddha below a big piece of faceted jade make this emerald green necklace as lucky as it is beautiful. The Buddha is striking against a deep green background, and the brass chain is embellished with tiny, sparkling jade beads.We purchased our Buddha medallions in bulk from Thailand because we fell in love […]


Black Tourmaline Bracelet with Pyrite & Garnet

Chunky black tourmaline and metallic pyrite chips contrast with deep red polished garnet. This bracelet has a great combination of colors and textures, and the garnet makes it pretty on both sides. For more information about this piece, click here.


Carnelian Lariat Necklace with Garnet in Gold

Faceted carnelian and garnet sparkle on an elegant gold-plated chain, and a carnelian drop hangs like a tiny planet. The vibrant red and orange of the stones makes this delicate necklace seem a lot bigger than it is! For more information about this piece, click here.


Aquamarine Necklace with Quartz

Clear quartz and rough aquamarine sparkle like ice between tiny Tibetan silver beads. Pretty and feminine, with a little bit of an edge. For more information about this piece, click here.


Copper Gemstone Bracelet With Garnet and Amethyst

Amethyst, garnet, and quartz hang from a copper plate. This is a great, jingly bracelet – beautiful, but tough. We polish the copper and then scratch it up! This gives it a more weathered look. For more information about this piece, click here.


Rose Quartz & Amethyst Necklace

Drops of faceted rose quartz and amethyst hang like a cluster of pink and purple flowers from delicate brass chain. We liked this necklace so much that we used it on one of our business cards! For more information about this piece, click here.


Copper “Rock Girl” Bracelet with Amethyst and Pyrite

A sparkling drop of faceted, pale purple amethyst hangs from a smooth copper bar stamped with the words “Rock Girl.” Amethyst and a metallic pyrite chip dress up the clasp, making this bracelet beautiful all the way around. A double layer of brass chain anchors the bracelet to your wrist. For more information about this […]


Icy-blue Aquamarine and Black Tourmaline Necklace

Chunks of rough black tourmaline combine beautifully with icy-blue aquamarine. Flanked by small, Tibetan-silver beads, the stones are reminiscent of coal and ice, and a lobster clasp secures the elegant silver-plated chain.  For more information, click here.