Copper Bracelet with Garnet, Baltic Amber, and Lava Beads



Garnet, amber, and a beautiful lava bead hang like tiny planets from a copper plate. We polish the copper and then scratch it up! This gives it a wonderful weathered look. This colorful, jingly bracelet will get plenty of attention!

Copper can temporarily color the skin. A quick Google search will reveal that this is harmless in the absence of an allergy, and that many people consider copper beneficial.

This piece comes highly polished; over time, it will darken as the copper ages. This darker layer is called a “patina.” It protects the copper, and in our opinion, gives the copper more character over time. If you prefer the shiny look, the copper can be restored to its original condition with a little polish.

As always, feel free to send your wrist measurement when you order a bracelet, and we will make sure that it fits you perfectly before sending it out.

For more information about this piece, click here.

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